Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A discovery

I recently emptied the home office/craft room due to having new flooring laid. Hidden on the shelves were various forgotten about projects one of which I started some time last year. I was also reminded about yarn purchases and patterns that were on the shelves Id forgotten about. I love discovering lost loves on my shelves.

My forgotten projects often tend to be blankets. I tend to loose enthusiasm for them after a while and put on the shelf until I feel enthused again. The discovery of the granny blanket I started ages ago for the caravan sparked my enthusiasm to start up again That may be due to the cold weather making an appearance again, despite summer being imminent (apparently)! I've not done very much on it really so I will crack on with it now until I get bored again. I love the simplicity of making granny squares, they don't require any focus as such. 

Sewing in the ends has simply not happened, as is often the way with me. There is simply loads of them to sew in. Looking at the yarn stack for this project I am almost out of the blue, pink & red required and with no visit to town (where the lys is) imminent I thought the best thing to do would be to sew in some ends then. I do love the pretty colours of this blanket and when it is eventually finished it will look great in the caravan.

As usual I am reading very slowly, but the key is that I am reading! I am reading another factual book called 'Everybody Writes' by Ann Handley. As the title suggests its a practical guide to better writing. I love to write and it is part of the work I do as a marketer. The format of this book allows me to read snippets at a time and come back to it when I can, which I love.

Today I have linked into the yarn along over on Small Things blog. I love the yarn along, it helps me discover lots of new bloggers and books.

How many abandoned projects do you currently have?


  1. I rarely take on blankets because I tend to lose interest, too. They just go on for so long! I sometimes have the same problem with scarves.

  2. beautiful colors!! I love blanket making but tend to pick the ones I do not have to connect...still have tons of threads to bury though :)


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