Thursday, 19 May 2016

Walking Around

There is nothing like a walk to clear your mind and help you focus. During  my lunch break I have taken to going out for a short walk, it gets me away from the office & allows me to stretch my legs.

I had never considered taking my camera with me. There is nothing beautiful around where I work, as I am on a large industrial estate. Then I opened my eyes and looked around me, just because the area is not picturesque it doesn't mean that there is not beauty and there is always a story to be told.  

out of curiosity I took a look on Google maps to view the local, I'm not that familiar area.
I am not a local, commuting almost 20 miles to work and I have only worked there around 6 months. Having taken the train to work previously I knew the river was close by, I just want aware of where about it was and how close it was. Google revealed it is less than 10 minutes walk away. filled with hope and excitement off i went with my camera and found the river. 

My camera has some funky creative features which I thought I would try out (its worth pointing out at this stage I have not really used my camera and never had a bridge camera before so its all new to me). 

After taking a few pictures I managed to mess up all the settings and it was game over!!! I did manage to capture a few pictures though...

This gorgeous horse was tethered on a small grass verge and he looked a little sad and lonely. Don't tell anyone but I had an apple in my pocket which I gave to him. He seemed grateful.

I love narrow boats, and the river had plenty of them around.Narrow boats evoke memory's of watching Rosie & Jim as a child.

The gorgeous River Don

This is the gatehouse for the boats

There was the threat of rain on the horizon but I managed to dodge the showers as I walked along the river bank.

There is beauty every where, even if its just a flower border or a beautiful river filled with activity. I will now keep my camera in my bag as I learn to use the different settings. 

If you can take your lunch break and go for a walk, take a look around you and you may be surprised.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Lets Rainbow Ripple!

There is nothing like a tight deadline to focus the mind!

Crochet is my first love but last year I spent more time knitting that crocheting, so this year I decided that I would choose more crochet projects to do & so far I have managed it (only just).

One of my favourite things to crochet is blankets, crochet & blankets were made to be together son't you think? A work colleague is going to be a daddy for the first time in a couple of weeks and I thought it would be a good idea to make the baby a blanket. They know that they are having a little girl but they are not pink or blue kinda people so I decided that a colourful rainbow ripple was the way forward.

For this project I have used Rico creative cotton, which comes is a range of vibrant rainbow colours and I like the feel of the fabric it produces. I have used this yarn several times for baby blankets in the past, it feels nice and cosy and I image it would keep a baby snug & cosy! with only two weeks remaining I have 14 colour changes to complete and then I need to decide if I will add a border or leave it as it is (I guess time will dictate that to me). I really need to get a move on with this blanket!!

I have really lost my reading mojo lately so I have been reading through some magazines. The only magazine I subscribe to is Pom Pom Quarterly and the others I just buy adhoc, if there is something in there that peaks my interest. I recently discovered Flow magazine and picked it up based on the first article. It have proved to be a very interesting magazine indeed.

Today I am joining in with A Yarn Along. I'd love to hear about your reading and current projects.