Friday, 29 April 2016

Eugene is my New best friend!

It is true when they say sock knitting is addictive! patience is required though, especially when you are a slow knitter like me. I don't get a lot of knitting time these days and what little time I do get is diminishing fast as other things take over so when a pair of socks is produced I have a sense of delayed gratification. 

Coop Knits socks are especially good. I own her 2 sock books and I don't think there is a sock in either of the books I don't want to knit. I have knit the Dave socks (re named the eventually socks) for Mr M. Now the latest addition to the sock collection is Eugene socks this time for me. As with all of my latest projects they have been awhile in the making, I started them in February (so not my oldest project).

Coop knits socks are so gorgeous the only issue with them is that, other than the Dave sock, they are all patterned and there is very little plain knitting so they require a lot of concentration. The end results are simply amazing though! 

I have been very good and used stashed yarn (something I am trying to do a lot this year).Eugene was made with Old Maiden Aunts, handpainted yarn in 100% superwash merino. The colourway was Cold sheep. I have had this yarn for a little over a year now and Eugene seemed the perfect pairing for it. The colour of the yarn on these socks is spectacular, I think that coop knits socks require a solid/ semi solid colour way so that the pattern of the sock stands alone looking amazing. 

I am continuing with my WIP down so no new sock cast on for me until I have finished a few things from the basket of WIP's! 

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