Thursday, 28 April 2016

An Economy Run By Robots

Sebastian is working hard!
For some time now there has been concerns over the rise of robots in manufacturing plants and taking over the repetitive jobs that we do. Workers have concerns over what this means for them in the work place, reducing the amount of work for humans, however industry argue that through the cost savings business make and the increased productivity that full time employment will increase due to the rise in output. 

For me though, it could be argued that the economy is already run by robots. Today's company's expect more and more from their employees. Zapping creativity and individuality leaving very little energy for themselves at the end of the working day/week. In this way it could be argued that employers are in fact already employing robots because we as employees go to work everyday and loose out individuality, our creativity and our lives, Since we spend pretty much more time at work than we do with out loved ones.

I myself get up for work on a Monday morning and go through the same routines throughout the working week acting like a robot, I fight against it but at the end of the day I have very little energy left for myself and have given over Monday to Friday for work as I am capable of little else. I feel like a robot! 

The reality is that I am not a robot I am someone that at the heart of it, like everyone else, has the ability to be far more than I currently am and the world we live in in suffocating me. I work so that I can live but I believe that work is taking over all of our lives! 

One day this robot may find away to become a full time human being!

(Sebastian the Robot is a little fella that I made using Sara from Annaboo's House pattern. I used Rico creative cotton & he is super simple to make.)

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  1. Oh my, you do sound very sad. I hope as the day moves on, you'll feel better. Life can be suffocating, work awful and everything a bit too much. When I feel like that, I go outside for a breather, try and spot a little bird, or something else pretty. It often helps. I might even sneak a quick blog read in when nobody is looking. Just one more day until the long weekend begins. xx


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