Friday, 11 September 2015

PomPom Quarterly & Photography

Well I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to PomPom Quarterly. Have you heard of it before? Its a gorgeous magazine that has some lovely patterns in, covering mostly knitting but some crochet patterns too. Beyond that Pom Pom also includes recipes, various other crafts and interviews.
My best friend has been subscribing it for a little over a year now and I always love having a little peak at her copy. 

I kept seeing people posting up images on Instagram of them with their new pompom magazine, I looked on enviously. So this month I subscribed! I was so impressed when it arrived literally only two days after my purchase. I subscribed on the Thursday evening and by Saturday it was here!!! that's blooming good service right?!

So this quarters publication has some totally divine autumnal knits in and a lovely recipe. There are a couple of articles relating to wool type ventures but what really caught my attention was the article on polaroid cameras and films by Impossible Film. When my mum moved house earlier this year she found a polaroid camera and gave it to me so I have immediately searched it out and I really now want to order some film so that I can get snapping!

Isn't it strange that all the old technology is now making a resurgence. Record players being another. it's just retro.

I now need to source to film for the camera and check that it is in working order. Polaroid a side this article and recent camera related events (my point and shoot camera just not performing as I would like it to) meant that this week I purchased a lovely bridge camera. MR.M has a digital SLR and he is going to teach me how to use my new camera. 

I will now (when I learn) be able to take lovely pictures of my projects, days out with the family and generally capturing memories. I am super excited about this purchase & thank Pom Pom quarterly for inspiring me.


  1. Oh I love the name! I have never heard of it, but who could resist a publication called Pom Pom Quarterly! Hope you love your new camera and have lots of fun with it x

  2. I've the same camera and love it. Enjoy it. School bought 20 of them and the students love them too. I have never seen Pompom magazine down under, but have being trying to avoid the magazine shop and save money... it does look great though.

  3. I'd forgotten about Polaroids, they are such fun! My parents had one but it was only for special occasions. My Mum used to take photos at our birthday parties and it was so exciting waiting for the picture to appear, a tiny piece of magic!


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