Friday, 14 August 2015

Weekend WIP Along #12

I am home now after a wonderful week in Scotland, but I am still off work. For once I am not happy to see Friday as this means back to work for me on Monday :(

I have had a great week this week, I have not managed a great deal of knitting but I have done some. 

I only have a couple of WIP's at the minute and they are in the form of the Pester socks & my Pwani shawl. There are a couple of crochet blankets on the go in my basket but I only work on them when I'm bored and need a change.

This week my Aunty from Devon is visiting the Little House in the Corner. Aunty J taught me to knit a few years back but has since lost the knitting bug, that is until I went to stay with her at Easter and sh caught the bug again and wanted to knit some socks, so now Aunty J really does have the knitting bug again. She ordered a pattern and yarn and on Wednesday night cast on the Slipstream Cowl by Inspiration Knits and it is looking amazing.

Aunty J's Knitting

The yarn is Mobberley from Yarns from the plain and its knitting up so beautifully. The yarn is so soft and I can image how snugly it will feel when its around your neck.

Aunty J's knitting

Look how gorgeous the beading detail looks! It makes me so happy to see Aunty J knitting again and finding such joy in her creations. I will miss her when she leaves on Sunday. Yesterday we had a little knit & natter and the lovely Isla from Brityarn joined us, it was great to get together.

I Will continue work on my Pwani shawl this weekend, I am on the second lace panel now, the rows seem to take forever now as with each row there is an increase in stitches. I wanted to cast on a cardi for me earlier in the week but when I got everthing ready I realised that the cable I need for the circulars is in use on my shawl! gutted! I guess its trying to stop me having loads of WIPS! and a good motivation to get my shawl finished.

I do love the effect of the garter panel and the lace panel together. It will look great when it is finished. 

So what are you weekend project plans? Spinning? Knitting/crochet? Sewing? Baking? if you have a blog then why not join in below with the link up. post up your link and link back to this post to join in. I love to read what you are all doing.

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  1. loving the shawl and beads. I'm knitting, reading Joan of Arc and starting an essay this weekend - rubbish weather tomorrow. And the eldest turns 17 too, so cake will be in there.


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