Friday, 10 July 2015

Weekend WIP Along #8

How have you all been? What have you been doing?

Last weekend I was working on the Hoodlet and Socks and also I needed to sew the buttons on the Old Growth Cardigan. Well Old Growth Cardigan is now completely finished and in little lady's draw waiting for the cooler weather to arrive.

The Hoodlet has now been put to one side. I managed to knit far more than I though I would and completed the front panel and the back as well. I went to start on the hood but sadly I had bought the wrong circular needles. It is my birthday coming up soon so I am on a purchasing ban and cannot buy any new needles so the Hoodlet will have to wait.

I have progressed well with the socks despite hitting a bit of a road block with my crafting this week. I had three nights where I just could not get into anything and wanted to do nothing! do you get like that?

I am back on it now and determined to get these socks sorted. I really don't have that many WIP's at the minute which is pretty amazing, I have got the urge to cast loads of things on though and need to hold back a little! I do really have the urge to do some crochet I'm thinking a cardigan.

So what are you weekend project plans? Spinning? Knitting/crochet? Sewing? Baking? if you have a blog then why not join in below with the link up. post up your link and link back to this post to join in. I love to read what you are all doing.


  1. I have hit that same road block this week! I have such a desire to make socks but every time I try I end up messing them up! Maybe I will try again in the fall/winter after a break from them...
    love the color of these socks!
    Glad you are back at it and I can't wait to see them finished.

    1. That is a shame that you have had issues, you tube has some great tutorials on what to do as does Clare Devine and Shinybee on their websites. I hope you try again, its such a fulfilling knit.

  2. I laughed about the shopping ban! I always put my boys on a shopping ban from October til Christmas. No spending pocket money just incase Santa has those little bits and pieces on his list for them! (They are 15 and 13, but they still comply willingly! ) x

    1. Im pretty pleased i didn't go shopping as hubby bought me what I needed :) we are on shopping ban from around end of October too :)


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