Friday, 3 July 2015

Weekend WIP Along #7

Friday again already, and what a beautiful week it has been. It is typical that it should be such a glorious week when I started back at work on Monday. I am still not able to drive for another week or two but I am healing well and I have even managed a couple of short walks this week with my friend.

Due to not being as active as I normal I am managing a little more knitting time than I would usually enjoy in the working week, because it is feet up when I get home. This week I have been working on the Tiny Owl Knits hoodlet and Mr. M's sock. I set my self a small challenge of finishing the front of the hoodlet by Monday next week but with the scorching weather I am not feeling inclined to pick the chunky knit up, we shall see how that goes.

This weekend I need to sew the buttons onto the Old Growth Cardigan (which I still have not done),
try to finish the front panel of the hoodlet and get on with Mr.M's socks (which after having to pull them out are still not back to where they were previously). I also want to sit down with my kindle and make some progress with the Night Circus.

We have a free weekend this weekend, the previous plans have been cancelled now so beyond the usual weekend chores we can just go with the flow. Its the first and last weekend for a while that we dont have plans of some sort so we are just going to see how the weather is and what we feel like doing. Don't you love it when that happens?! (I'm hoping to sit in the garden with some knitting at some point).

So what are you weekend project plans? Spinning? Knitting/crochet? Sewing? Baking? if you have a blog then why not join in below with the link up. post up your link and link back to this post to join in. I love to read what you are all doing.


  1. Like you, our weekend plans are mostly on the quiet side. Saturday morning we have the great American Fair which I'm planning to attend with my daughter and her family (while my husband runs a 10K) and otherwise I'd like to sit outdoors and read and make an early morning run to the farmer's market on Sunday.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. love your knitting. First day off school holidays for me - I've been knitting and a wee bit of shopping. And the never ending laundry pile has been attacked.


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