Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tsunami socks by Judy Sumner

I bought Judy's book, knitted socks east and west, some time ago now, long before I could actually knit socks. I was drawn to the gorgeous photographs throughout the book.

I am now a sock knitter (oh how I love to say that) having knitted a couple of pairs for other people but non for myself. One evening I headed to the craft room and pulled out this lovely book and as I often do with my pattern books, I flicked through trying to decide what to make. After some debate I settled on Tsunami socks, I love that with each pattern Judy provides a description, or perhaps a context for the socks themselves. I knew just the yarn to set free from my stash. So I have the pattern and the yarn, let's cast on! Oh flip I don't have the right size needles, quick order them.

The yarn used was originally intended for the Schools out cardigan and was a supersize skein of deliciousness.  Yarn garden giant burr oak 600 meters (150g) of heavenly yarn. I can't find the label to tell you what the yarn is but I know it contains silk. I bought the yarn from Yarndale in 2014 so it was good to finally release it from the stash. I still have enough left to make another pair of ankle socks too.

Once my needles arrived I cast on, after the rib every round is pretty much a pattern round, so for me a lot of concentration is required. I class myself as a novice sock knitter and taking on such a patterned sock was a big risk. They did take me a while to complete but I have to say that Judy's instructions were so good that it was a very simple pattern to follow, even telling you how many stitches on each needle.

The entire process was very enjoyable and once the socks were blocked, I was eager to wear them, it was like my feet were wrapped up in silky softness all day long.

I would really recommend judy's book, I shall be knitting up some more of the patterns myself.

This sock knitting is totally addictive, I already have another pair of socks on the go. Unfortunately  they are not for me, they are for Mr. M.


  1. Beautiful. They look fab! xxx

  2. Very pretty socks. Such a soft blue. I've checked that book out from the library and drooled over the patterns a few times.

  3. What a complicated looking pattern! These look absolutely great! Well done!! X

  4. I am hooked on this book and the brilliant collection of patterns it contains. Each pair has worked out well and fit perfectly. With each new pattern I try my skills are improving and the instructions are super easy to follow. Yours look great I will have a go when I have finished geisha x


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