Monday, 20 July 2015

Tin Can Knits - Old Growth

Regular visitors to my blog will know about this cardigan. I only been worked on it a couple weeks but the majority of the knitting happened while I was off work mid June.

I have loved the 'Old Growth' pattern since I bought Tin Can Knits book at Yarndale 2014. The collection is called Road Trip and it is a collection of cosy Knits.They create the most beautiful designs and what I love most about it is that most of their designs are created seamessley. I had to read the pattern a few times to get my head around how it worked but if anything that confused me more so in the end I just got on with it. Yes I made a few mistakes but I got there in the end.

I created the 7th size which is age 8-10 so perfect for Little Lady (Tin Can Knit patterns come from baby size to adult size), Little Lady never asked who it is for and I don't think she realised it was for her. Usually she takes a keen interest in my knitting but I think because I had knitted a lot that week, and mostly while she has been at school, I don't think she has given it any thought.

I cast it off on Thursday finishing with the most complicated piece of knitting, the button band, it blew my mind! then washed and blocked it. The buttons themselves were added once it was dried.

When I presented the cardigan to Little Lady she was so excited! and it will look great with her jeans when we progress through to autumn. So you may consider me crazy that in the hottest week of the year so far I knitted with Aran yarn, but at least the garment is ready for the colder weather when it inevitably arrives. My nana always said that she knitted our cardigans and jumpers in the summer ready for the winter and sewed our summer dresses in the winter so they would be ready. I guess I can see the logic.

I can't wait to knit my next Tin Can Knits pattern.


  1. This is very nice! I have learned so much from Tin Can Knits but I am far from this one yet. Thanks for sharing this beatiful piece.

  2. I made my first Tin Can Knits hat recently, Schwimmen (not sure on spelling) and it was beautiful, just like your sweater. I definitely want to make more!

  3. That is quite special. I must find out more about Tin Can Knits.

  4. So beautiful! It is unusual, in a really good way, and looks so comfortable. X

  5. What a lovely cardigan, I agree with your nana, I knit winter items in summer & vice versa x

  6. i adore this! Would love an adult version!


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