Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Blacker Yarn - Pure Black Welsh Mountain Chunky

A little while ago Isla from BritYarn asked me to crochet a basket to store her stitch markers in (for resale). Isla had chosen the yarn she wanted me to use and has asked me to write up my thoughts on the yarn from a crocheters point of view.

Picture Courtesy of BritYarn

The Yarn:

Colour way is black
50 g balls
yardage - 55 Metres

(I used three Balls)

I didn't use a pattern to make the bowl I just used a basic circular increase, but if you are interested I have written up the pattern and I will be posting it up on my blog in the next week.

The ball band suggests a 6mm needle however I know that I needed this to be a tight fabric so that it is more ridged than it should be, I first attempted the basket with a 5.5mm hook but it still was a little floppy so I pulled it out and went down a size to 5mm. The yarn handled being crocheted up and ripped out really well, I didn't notice any fraying that happens with some yarns when you pull it back. The yarn was lovely to work with and considering I was using a hook 1 mm smaller than the recommended size there was no issues with the yarn splitting at all which, as a crocheter has been an issue in the past with some yarns. The finished bowl only took a few hours to produce, and was very ridged and perfect for the job in hand.

The yarn its self is quite coarse and I'm not sure I would be happy with it made into a scarf or a garment that is too close to the skin, that said it would make an amazingly warm over cardigan/jumper and would knit/crochet up beautifully.

I would certainly make some more of these baskets for myself, perhaps for my dressing table for make up or hair things and they would also be great scattered around the house.

The only negative of this yarn for me is that this is the only colour available, It is the natural colours which you can understand why there are no other colour ways. This however is being totally picky as the yarn was lovely to use.

BritYarn is a online yarn shop that celebrates the British yarn industry. Isla has a range of British produced yarn some of which you will have heard of but also introducing you to others that you may not have. While Isla has been setting up this business in the last few months I have found myself becoming more aware of the yarns I use and where they come from. Pop over to BritYarns and see what you think for yourself.

This post is not a sponsored post and my opinions are my own, I would only recommend yarns/patterns that I truly love and have enjoyed myself. 

Keep an eye out on my blog for the bowl pattern appearing.


  1. The bowl looks lovely and I'll definitely use your pattern when you post it .... now I just have to find things to put in them!!! xxx

  2. I have a hard time knitting with dark colors... hope that improves as my knowledge of knitting improves. :)

  3. Such an intense black. Perfect for very specific projects I would think. Great review too X


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