Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Off To Bed with The Night Circus!

This week is passing me by so quickly, I feel rather dizzy! Don't you find it happens that way sometimes? I have some time off work coming as I am going into hospital on Friday to finally repair the damage to my knee (cue lots of knitting & reading time coming up) hence this week I am super busy at work & home.

I am currently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I will openly admit I have been reading it for a little while now. Its not the longest book, especially after the epic read that was Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Coming in at only 512 pages its half the size! The problem is the same one I encounter on a regular basis, Time! I think I am only around 15% through the book but I fully intend to read more over the next week. The book so far is very enjoyable and is based around magic (I seem to be drawn to these stories). 

I am also listening to a book on my daily commute to and from work as well. The Humans by Matt Haig, Again it is just a short book and I only have a couple hours left to listen to, so far I have found it highly amusing, I have found myself giggling away in the car. I am sure I have had some funny looks while being sat in traffic! The Humans is mostly about an alien landing on earth and his experiences in a human body. If you want a giggle then I would recommend it. That said I am not finished it yet so I will reserve full judgement on it till then. haha

Work In Progress

Knitting has been rather productive as well! This weekend I started and finished a knitting project and even better I started it and finished it in a day, BOOM!

This is the moment that I admit that I was using 12mm knitting needles and super chunky yarn. Don't you find chunky yarn knits up so quickly?!

The pattern is Off To Bed Pyjama Case by Suzie Johnson. This has been in my ravelry queue for an age now and I have had the yarn for a while too. The pattern suggests Rowan Big wool which in my opinion for a PJ case is quite expensive. 

Before the ends have been sewn in & and it has been blocked.

The yarn I used was:
Rowan Big Wool in wild berry colourway x 1 ball
Wendy Pampas in Rhubarb colourway x 1 ball
Wendy Pampas in purple colourway x 1 ball

The Wendy Pampas alternative is just as effective as the Rowan, yes you can tell the difference in the feel of the two different yarns but the effect is just the same and the cost is vastly reduced. If you are happy to spend the money on Rowan then that's great but for those with a tighter budget I found this yarn match the gauge and produce a lovely fabric. I mixed the two yarns together in this project and think it works quite well.

I loved this project, I would say it only took 3-4 hours total knitting time then half an hour to sew in the ends and wash it and block it.  It did however take a little longer to dry out on the blocking board. 

I did say earlier in this little post that it had been a productive weekend, well as part of my Weekend WIP Along (why don't you come and join in this Friday) I did say I would finish the Tsunami socks and well *smug face right about now*, I only blooming finished them! I have a entire post devoted to these lovely socks coming your way in the very near future along with a post about my completed hap (that's a lot of writing to be done).

Well I think that's me for today I'm sure I have rambled on enough now so I shall leave you all to your lovely day. Have fun. 

Today I have linked in with A Yarn Along over on Small Things Blog. 


  1. that is such a neat project. Totally beyond my capabilities...LOL Good luck for Friday.

  2. Oh, I love the pajama case! How fun. :D
    Best of luck to you with your hospital trip and wishing you a speedy recovery!

  3. this is SOOO cute!!! Love it! Not much of a fan of chunky yarn, but I could actually see making this one. :) Thanks for the book recommendation, too. Humans sounds like a fun read.

  4. Such a cute project! I love the colors you chose.

  5. That's great! I love your colorwork. It came out lovely.

  6. That bag is terrific. And I love the colors too!

  7. Gorgeous project, with brilliant colourwork, well done!

  8. Very best wishes for your knee surgery, hope it does the trick and you start to feel more comfortable very soon X

  9. What a fun knitting project. I enjoyed The Night Circus, it was so imaginative! And I'm watching BBC America's adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell--it's quite good.

  10. Such a great project, beautiful lettering. Beyond my capabilities I am afraid.


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