Tuesday, 2 June 2015

British Yarn

I have had in interest in yarn for around 8 years now. My Nana first taught me to crochet when I was pregnant with little lady. I wanted to make a granny blanket for 'the baby' and ever since then I have loved to crochet. I finally learnt to knit about 4 years ago when my aunty in Devon spent some time with me showing me how it is done.

It is only recently that I have developed a stash of yarn and developed a serious yarn hoarding issue through visiting yarn festivals with my best friend Isla (who is a serious yarnaholic), and even more recently that I have considered the provenance of the yarn I use. This interest, I have to say, came initially from Knit British (have you listened to her podcast? you really should, I always feel like I am sitting in her living room having a cuppa and a knit & natter!) and then from Isla!

Where is this going I hear you asking! Well the lovely Isla has realised her dream and set up her own virtual yarn store called brityarn, but more importantly it is virtual yarn store that celebrates and shares the love of British Wool. brityarn will only stock yarn that has been grown, spun and dyed in Britain. Check out Isla's Woolly principles on her website. The woolly principles really show brityarn is passionate about the British yarn industry and increasing awareness about British sheep breeds. Beyond this Isla has support the British economy by using suppliers for packing material and business support based ass locally to her home town as possible.

brityarn has a selection of gorgeous yarns from wonderful producers and dyers such as Eden Cottage Yarns, Blacker Yarns, West Yorkshire Spinners, Jamieson & Smiths and Yarns from the Plain, amongst others. brityarn also stock an amazing range of knitting & crochet patterns from British designers like, Rachel Coopey, Karie Westerman and the Crochet Project, along with lovely project bags made just for brityarn. There are many treasures to be discovered over on the brityarn website you find yours. 

And the best news is that brityarn opens its virtual doors today, yes thet's right today! 
I feel very privilaged to have played a small part in the brityarn journey so thank you Isla & good luck Isla with brityarn.

brityarn can be found at www.brityarn.co.uk

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  1. Exciting! Will pop over and have a look., love the logo too ! X


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