Tuesday, 26 May 2015

What is Normal?

Lets start with the Oxford English dictionary definition:
'Conforming to a standard; usual, typical or expected'
hmmm, conforming it is not something I like to do. Normal may be a word in the dictionary and indeed in the English language but it is certainly not a work I recognise. I do not wish to be normal!

You may be asking right about now, what this has to do with anything, and to be fair you have a valid point so lets start at the beginning shall we...

I was approached recently by an individual whom I was aware of but not really acquainted with and we were generally discussing our weekend. The conversation went something like:

Me: Yes I did enjoy my Sunday afternoon, I went to my knitting group ans caught up with my friends really.

gentleman: erm,.. how old are you?

Me: I am 35, why? (I did protest slightly at this question, especially at the tone he used to ask the question!)

gentleman: well that's just not normal is it? 35 and knitting, surely that's something your grandma does?

Me: Why is it not normal???? (I kind of got a little irritated at this point) just because I am 35 this means that I should not knit. Why is there this idea that knitting or crafts in general are for older people and also confined to women?
Yes I am 35, yes I knit. I also read, sew, spin yarn, crochet and peruse various other hobbies (when indeed I have the time to do so). Lets discuss your hobbies shall we and I shall recall some rather bizarre stereotype in which I can use to pigeon hole you into!

Gentleman: I see your point! sorry to offend!

Me: I should think so!

So as you can see my point is, there is no normal, Its a fictional word developed to make us humans feel safe. what one person considers normal another considers abnormal. I am happy to be me, to let people know the little quirks of my personality, there is no one quite like me (thank goodness) and there is no one quite like you. Be at ease with who you are, you were designed that way, don't conform to what others expect of you. I always encourage little lady to be herself, not to follow the crowd due to pier pressure and be proud of who she is because I am proud of who she is.

I don't hide who I am and I am not ashamed of who I am. As I write I am 35 years old, I am married and I have a 7 year old daughter. I work in Marketing and in my spare time I enjoy crochet, knitting reading, spinning, listening to all sorts of music including classical and rock. I attend yarn events with my friend and I love cake and gin! I am often insecure and worried about how people perceive me. I generally worry I don't work hard enough and can always do better. I am happy in my life and love my family.

There is one thing that I am good at and that is being me!

Be yourself, don't conform to what others say you should be it only makes you un happy. Your quirks make you the beautiful individual that you are. Maybe together we can break these stereotypes.

I am not normal and I am happy with that. Rant over :)


  1. How this made me smile! Well done you..... "Sometimes I try to be normal but then I get bored so I go back to being me!!!" xxx

  2. Love it! I read a great quote recently 'I am not perfect. I am unique' x


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