Friday, 1 May 2015

Welcome Daphne

Say hello to the newest member to our little family. This is Daphne...

The first picture of Daphne on wet and cold day
We eventually took the plunge and bought a caravan, it is something I have wanted for a long time but Mr. M took some convincing. Once convinced it took us a little longer to get round to purchasing our very own little Caravan.

So at the end of March (on a rather wet & windy day)  we went and collected Daphne, it was a strange feeling towing a van on the back of our little car. I have grown up in a family that always went camping or caravanning, so I was desperate for Little lady to have the same experiences that I had as a child. Anyone that knows me will know that I have a terrible fear of flying and avoid planes wherever possible so holidaying abroad does not happen much for us. I believe that the U.K has so many beautiful areas to explore and hopefully the addition of Daphne to our family will mean weekends away and holidaying far in the UK and perhaps when we are used to caravanning a trip out to France. 

Of course most caravan interiors look the same so I have set to in making Daphne look like it belongs to us. I have taken down one one of the granny stripe crochet blankets I made ages ago to cover one of the seats and I brought home the rather plain looking cushions and I made a cover for it with some scraps of DK yarn left over from other things ...

Not bad for a weekends work hey? The cushion was simple enough to make but if you would like me to right up how I made it then I am happy to do so.

There will of course be more home-made additions to Daphne's interior in the future to make it a little more homely.

We can't wait to get out for a weekend in Daphne.
Happy Bank Holiday weekend.


  1. How exciting! Look forward to seeing how you transform the interior to make it a cosy holiday home on wheels!X

  2. Lucky you! I'm very very jealous Shelley...I've always wanted a caravan after spending many childhood weekends in my Nans....can't wait to see some inside "before and after" pics! Happy travels! xxx

  3. I am so jealous, I have always wanted a caravan!!! <3 xxx


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