Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The eventually Socks

Mr. M has been waiting for sometime for his socks. I tried to knit socks some time ago (around July last year), I have occasionally visited the subject on my blog, not knitting socks was when I eventually gave up on his socks but inspired by the #socksurgery and my sock course at Edinburgh Yarn Festival I have picked up my DPN's and persevered with Mr. M's socks. Hence these socks are called the 'eventually socks' as they have been some time in the making.

I set out very confidently knowing that with a well written pattern and my newly gained skills that this time I would be successful. I already had the yarn from my previous attempt. I think I bought the yarn at woolfest 2014. The yarn is WYS Signature 4ply yarn. They have a range based on country birds. I chose Bullfinch as I loved the pattern it produced and the colours perfect for Mr. M.

I was inspired while in Devon (which is where I finished the socks) to find out about the Bullfinch bird, I was surprised to see how close the colours of the yarn matched the picture of the bird I found in Aunty J's bird book.

Aunty J, loves birds and has many books on the subject along with a gorgeous garden designed to attract birds to the garden. I love to sit near the window and look down the garden to see the variety of birds that visit the well stocked bird table.

Anyway, as usual I digress, the colourway is based on the male bullfinch which has a bright reddish pink breast (the female is more yellowish). Bullfinch live throughout the UK and tend frequent the woodlands, rarely visit garden feeders.

Aren't they such gorgeous birds?

Back to the socks! The first sock took me a little while, stalling slightly, as usual, around the heel but I got stuck in! I started the second sock before we set off to Devon and continued to knit in the car on route. You may recall my little story about the lost dpn in the car (at this Mr. M has made mention to not knitting with dpn's in the car again!). The second sock was finished in no time and I have to say I am feeling rather proud of myself in this accomplishment! Mr. M did insist on wearing the socks immediately with no blocking.

The pattern I used was a free pattern from and is called 'socks for him. I had no issues following the pattern at all. I would highly recommend this pattern as a basic plain sock to compliment some lovely self stripe yarn.

I pretty much got the pattern to match on both socks too! 

That is now two pairs of sock finished this year the first were Little Ladies 'Rye' socks, so the next socks which are already on the dpn's is a pair of socks for me me me me me. I have however purchased some more of this yarn in another colour way as Mr. M tells me he loves these socks so much that he would like another pair!

I will keep you posted.


  1. They look great! I have several pairs of socks with that yarn and it wears like iron. He will have those socks for a long time!

  2. Fabulous looking socks. That yarn is on my to-knit-with list..

  3. Fabulous looking socks. That yarn is on my to-knit-with list..

  4. Ohh what a fun stripe! :) Well done.

  5. Oh well done! They are lovely! And great colours too. I too have a deep desire to knit socks, and currently have what I am referring to as 'The Experimantal Sock' on dpns. Lots of gaps, and many a dropped stitch, but I am quite determined to master the art! There's nothing like home-knitted socks, and I have a secret ambition to make socks for my boys! X

  6. What a great idea for colourways! The socks look great, congratulations

  7. I love the WYS sock yarn, it's absolutely fantastic. The socks I was wearing in Edinburgh were the pheasant colourway, I adored that!

  8. Gorgeous and well worth the wait!


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