Saturday, 30 May 2015

Spinning has stalled

I have written previously about spinning. Over the last couple of months I have hardly been to my spinning wheel (looks like it was February, according to my blog), this is mostly due to time and choosing other projects over my spinning.

Looking at my lonely wheel there was some fibre on the wheel but sadly it has been sat there for a few weeks, I felt sorry for it every time I went into the office/craft room and see it looking at me all expectant!

The fibre is some I have had a while and kept in a bag un-labelled (this is before I was organised with my fibre storage) so I am not sure what it is, spinning it up didn't take too long to spin up as there wasn't a great deal there. As you can see it is full of bright colours. A rainbow on my wheel.

I have noticed that every time I spin I do indeed get much better at it so I know that if I put the effort and time in I could really produce some yarn that is usable (not that my other yarn is not usable, its okay if you want a chunky uneven hat haha).

So, I how now finished this fibre and plied  the yarn and it is resting. I am really not happy as it has been over spun and now all twisted, I guess that comes from neglecting  my spinning.

At the last knit group I took the drop spindle that I have owned longer than my wheel but never really managed to master the art. One of the lovely ladies at knit group uses a drop spindle and I find watching her memorising, so I asked her to show me and help me out, over a couple of hours she helped me master (well at least use it) the drop spindle and everyone in the group had a go too, it was great fun. I think as part of the Weekend WIP Along I will try and achieve some spinning time.

The advice is to achieve 10 minutes everyday on the spinning wheel, the problem is, as any spinner knows, Spinning is completely addictive so 10 minutes kinda turns into an hour!


  1. What a wonderful thing, to learn how to spin. I guess it is like any other skill, you've just got to practise it or you forget how to do it! The colours are lovely! X

    1. thank you Penny, I am going to try and Spin a little more, its definatly better the more you practice.

  2. Spinning is something that I have always been curious about, but I would always be worried that I couldn't master it. As it looks so complicated and requires lots of patience. Your yarn in this photo does look lovely, and it sounds like if you take more time on it that you could produce lovely spun yarn!

    1. Hi Hazel, it isnt as compllicated as it looks, once you have learnt to treddle and draw the fibre out at an appropriate speed it seems to work well (unless like me you overspin it).
      Shame you do not live closer you could have popped round!

  3. Hello I have recently bought a second hand Westbury spinning wheel - in full working order but a little bit in need of TLC - luckily my husband is restoring it to the same level as my Ashford. However the Westbury only came with 2 bobbins - do you happen to know where I can get some spares? I've tried all sorts of suppliers but they only have Ashford ones. Look forward to hearing from you

  4. Hi Jen.
    Westbury wheels are fab, the only difficulty I have with mine (mostly because they are not made any more) is I am unable to change the bobbin size and spin large amounts of fiber on one reel.
    The honest answer is I don't know where you can get more bobbins from, maybe check on the UK spinners site on ravelry (post a question) or if you are able to find a wood turner locally, they may replicate one of your bobbins for you. Feel free to drop me an email, I would love to see how you refurbished wheel looks. just click the email button in the side bar and it will allow you to direct email me.
    happy spinning


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