Monday, 20 April 2015

Megan Made a Scarf

For Christmas 2013 Mrs ID & MR D bought Little Lady some nice chunky knitting needles and some lovely colourful Chunky yarn. It took Little lady till march to decide she wanted to learn how to knit, so we sat down with a drink and I showed her how to do the knit stitch, we cast on 11 stitches and off she went a knitting. I wrote about this early in 2014. She took to it really quickly and when Mrs ID came over for a knit night she would often join in with us. Just lately she has also started attending the monthly knitting group for half an hour or so.

Well 6 months on she was still going, so at the January Knit group Mrs ID told her that if it was finished by the end of February well there may possibly be a little prize. This was all the incentive she needed and just a week into February I showed her how to cast off! Here is the finished product!

As you would expect with a knitted scarf made by a seven year old it is a little misshaped, it has holes and we might have a few more stitches than she originally started with but I am immensely proud of my gorgeous little girl and this achievement. Father Christmas did bring her a knitting kit this year so she has now started a new project!

Little Lady, very proud of her achievement.
What was the prize? I hear you ask. Well Mrs ID bought Little Lady a book which was David Walliams 'The queens Orang-outang' A book written in support of Comic Relief. Little lady had been saving up her pocket money to buy it so was totally thrilled when Mrs ID called round to give her the book.


  1. Great accomplishment, she'll remember that forever! Can't wait to see the next one... xx

  2. That is a gorgeous, colourful, chunky, funky scarf! Fantastic achievement, and a very happy and beautiful model too! X


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