Sunday, 19 April 2015

Devon Part 2

Easter Sunday was a great relaxing day filled with chocolate, a lovely Sunday/Easter dinner, family and for me wine & knitting. A home day so to speak.

Mr's Aunt lives in Uffculme, Devon and its only recently while I have been a knitter/crochet that I realised the beautiful old chimney in the village belonged to a mill, not just any mill but a working wool museum! as soon as I realised this I was super excited. on our last visit little lady and I walked round to discover it was what they called a steam up but unfortunately we didn't have enough time to look around so I just purchased some yarn and we left.

This time we planned or visit so that we could spend some time there.

Again it was such a beautiful day and we walked the 10 minutes from Mr's Aunts house to the mill. 

The mill was built in 1799 by Thomas Fox and closed after spinning worsted and Woollen yarn for 200 years in 1981 due to the recession. The mill was purchased by the trust to preserve the history. Now they have a steam up several times a year to allow visitors in to see the machinery and grounds. The shop is open all year round so wooly goodness is available at a whim. A must for any yarn addict!!!! Last year I purchased some beautiful Aran yarn which I knitted my Ammolite Cowl . The yarn was gorgeous to knit with so I knew I needed (yes needed) to purchase some more.

We spent ages walking around the beautiful grounds and looking at the machinery. I was utterly fascinated by the machinery and the demonstrations going on. The smell in the workshop was amazing, It smelt to me of history, I could imagine the workers in there in times gone by, the sound of the machinery was so loud but so fascinating. 

(warning excessive pictures)...

 I love the Water Wheel. I am always attracted to water wheels they have always fascinated me. I have been know to seek out water wheels and then stand and stare at them for excessive amounts of time.

The colour on these bobbins was just amazing, and it was simply amazing watching the machinery working and the bobbins spinning at speed producing a blurr of colour.


At every turn there is something to see, vast amounts of visual simulation. History is every where prickling the curiosity of the people that once worked here every day, wondering how whether they enjoyed being here, who they were and what they did when they were not at the factory.

As you can see from the pictures the Mill is set in the most stunning surroundings, and on such a beautiful day we got to enjoy the entire Mill, walking around the outside and along the little river.

Being Easter weekend they did lay on a little Easter egg hunt for the children, they has to find all the markers and write them down, present the finished list to the lady in the shop and if they are all right then there is a little prize. Little lady got a Creme Egg. She was most pleased, especially when Mr. M also purchased a little gingerbread man brooch for her from the shop. I of course did by yarn!!!

 The yarn selection is limited to Dk and Aran. The yarn is delightful to knit with and the colours (as you can see) are vibrant.

As well as the yarn, there is also a selection of woven fabrics, bags, felting kits and socks. I did find a a little basket filled with some gorgeous alpaca yarn, I was only going to buy one skein but Mr. M encouraged me to get two!

While here I also purchased some Aran & Dk (along with a couple of little treats for Mrs ID). I would highly recommend A visit to Coldharbour mill if you are in the area, I loved our visit. 

After our visit we walked back to the house and sat in the garden, I did a little knitting (finishing Mr's socks). Meg played in the park and we all just generally relaxed, because that is what holidays are for right?


  1. Sounds like a perfect holiday to me!

  2. You've got your Mr well trained...good man!

  3. Looks like a wonderful family day out! X


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