Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Devon Part 1

Over Easter we took our annual trip down to Devon. Mr M's aunt lives there and we love to visit her. We used to manage twice a year but now we have little lady we only get down there once a year.

Easter is always an ideal time as we incorporate the long Easter weekend. This year for what ever reason we decided that Bank holiday Friday would be a great day to journey down the M5! (who's blooming idea was that, probably mine). Our usual 4 1/2 hour drive took us nearly 7 hours with stops for little lady and diversions to avoid the excessively heavy traffic. oh well I got some knitting done! despite loosing a dpn down the side of the car seat, why Mr. M later had to spend 15-20 minutes trying to retrieve from under the seat track! oops

The most welcoming sign and the thing that signify's the start of the holiday is 'the tree bridge' this is what the little lady calls it any way. This is the most beautiful little lane covered over by an arch way of trees, the sun shines through the branches to create the most beautiful effect.

As soon as we drive through here the stress evaporates away and the relaxation begins.

Upon arrival there is always a glass of wine (that is unless its 9 in the morning of course!) and lots of hugs kisses and catching up to be had. 

We took little lady up to The House of Marbles on the Saturday. I always love it there, the marble runs are amazing, you can stand for hours mesmerised by them all. The colours are vibrant and there is also a small but fascinating museum. 

 Marbles Everywhere

Giant Marble Run

After the compulsory marble purchases it was time for a small bite in their on site cafe. We had a lovely lunch here and it soon got very busy. The food was delightful and the staff were very friendly.

The House of Marbles is in a town called Bovey Tracey, and as any knitter/crocheter would do, I staked out the local yarn scene (well the local yarn shop anyway) I was delighted to find that there was a lovely yarn shop in Bovey Tracey and also a great park for kids too. We drove from the Marble place through to the the lovely little town and parked up, had a little wander around and then, since it was such a lovely day Mr. M. and Little miss went to the park while I browsed in the yarn shop.

Spin A Yarn - Devon 

As soon as I walked in I was hit with a wall of colour!

The store holds a large selection of brands in various weights. I was ages just looking around in a haze of confusion. I was specifically looking for some WYS sock yarn. Since I was knitting Mr. M's socks in WYS Bullfinch I wanted more to put away to make further socks for him at a later date. I was not disappointed, they had some. Although the colour-ways they had in stock were very limited and I was expecting that they would have a better selection. I did manage to get some more though. There were baskets overspilling with vibrant colours and shelves filled to busting with every fibre you can think of. Spin a Yarn is a knitters and crocheters heaven. As well as yarn they had a lovely selection of pattern books, buttons, ribbon, beads and needles in most sizes. I spent a little while talking to the lady in the store who was interested in the Cheche a la sauce scarf  I was wearing and I explained about the Brigantia yarn that it was knitted in. The ladies in there were helpful and very friendly and hopefully the next time I visit Devon I will call in again. Although the lady did tell me I could order on line should I wish too and explained their loyalty scheme to me as well

I of course made some purchases to add to my ever expanding Yarn Stash. 

Just a small purchase.

I found Mr. M & Little Miss having lots of fun in the park together. We were very lucky with the weather, such a sunny warm day. After a little more time in the park we headed back to Aunties house for a lovely evening where I did a little more knitting on Mr. M's Socks. 

I took two projects with me on holiday. Mr. M's socks and Little Miss's cardigan in the hope of finishing the former and making good progress on the latter!

Part 2 coming soon! 


  1. Losing anything in the car is always a nightmare, so hard to get hands and fingers into all those awkward nooks and crannies, which always seem to have sharp edges ready to scrape skin! Sounds like a lovely relaxing break. A loving welcome at the end of a long journey is one of life's great joys! X

  2. The House of Marbles is my kind of place! I am glad you are enjoying your holiday. x

  3. That marble run looks amazing! What a yarn shop, you were very restrained :)

  4. Amazing! I love those marble runs, aren't they amazing? Did you find the basket which has got qiviut fibre in it? It's quite well hidden, but worth a squeeze.


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