Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Yarn Along

I am still reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell which although I am enjoying I don't seem to be able to find the time to progress with the story. Instead my time since Saturday has been spent knitting socks. I first cast on some socks last year but got frustrated with them and frogged them. However after knitting Tin Can Knits Rye socks in January and taking Clare Devines sock class I am feeling brave and on Saturday cast on a basic sock pattern for men's socks. I am feeling positive that this time I will finish them. Just as I am confident I will finish my book sometime very soon.

What are you reading & Knitting/crocheting? pop along to A Small Things Blog for A Yarn Along to discover what everyone else is Reading and making.


  1. That is a good book, I enjoyed the story but I listened to it as an audio book whilst cooking and washing up over quite a long time! I loved the language and the gentleman with the thistle down hair and how crazy yet plausible it all was. It is an enormous book and quite an undertaking, I hope you get to give it some time so you can really get into it.

  2. I'm reading this too! Or, at least it's one of the things I'm deciding whether or not to continue on with. Mine's in three volumes, so it seems slightly less intimidating. I didn't feel particularly hooked the first time, but I've picked it up again after a few months and it seems suddenly much more appealing. Suits my rainy spring mood. :)

  3. Your socks look great so far - keep it up & you'll have them finished in no time! :-)

  4. Your sock is coming along nicely. I love the color of the yarn you are using. Have you tried knitting with 6 ply sock yarn? It's so much fun and goes very fast. Happy Knitting :)


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