Sunday, 15 February 2015

life's simple pleasures

I consider my self a wealthy person because I can partake in one of life's simple pleasure's.  I can read a book.

I love to sit down and loose myself in another world if even for a very short time. For a while I didn't read, I got out of the habit of reading books (other than my course books that is). Towards the middle of last year I re discovered the wealth hidden within books. Since then I read most days, and I am pleased that I do.

January reads included Terry Pratchett disc world novel 1 the colour of magic.  I have never read a Pratchett book before but often fancied it and with the 2015 book challenge I felt encouraged to read a Pratchett book. I am glad I took the plunge. I love the way Pratchett writes, so quirky and humorous.  This novel follows the cowardly almost wizard (I say almost because it seems that due to a spell lodging itself deep within his mind, Rincewind seems to have been unable to remember any other spells there fore not quite a fully fledged wizard ). Rincewind and his optimistic travelling partner Twoflower travel through a series of adventures on the magic disc which is balanced on the back of 4 elephants riding on a tortoise floating through space. What's not to love right? I love how the characters include death and fate as gods!

Many of you have advised me that this novel and the second did world book are not the best,  but they get better. Well book three onwards must be pretty darn amazing. Yes it was slow in places I guess this book is more an introduction to the magical world and the characters within. I will certainly read his other books.

I love being transported into another world for a short space of time, transported to the quirky little world

I also managed to listen to the radio 4 adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett good omens which was rather amusing I have to say, I may even read the book if I get the time.

Another read this month was Stardust by Neil Gaiman, I first saw the film a few years back and this is where I discovered Neil Gaiman as a great author. I've had this book for a while and eventually wanted to read it. Although the film loosely follows the story of the book they couldn't be more different. I loved the book, all the magical creatures within the book and the theory that the stars are shining people. I really enjoyed how the two main characters developed a deep love through the story. The fact that I had already seen the film didn't spoil the book for me as they were very different way.

Next book? who knows! I intend to stay away from Neil Gaiman & terry Pratchett books this month, I have many more books to choose from. If you have read my blog before you will know I like to have a day or so away from reading to allow the story to fully sink in before disappearing into a totally new world.  I have a couple of paper back books to read as well as a vast choice on my kindle too. what to choose? I shall spend the next couple of days considering this.I want to read something very different, any suggestions?  For now I am enjoying listening to the series of Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy on my commute to work (so very amusing).

I love to join in with Laura's (A Circle of Pine Trees) A Year in Books Challenge. I find all your reads very inspiring indeed.


  1. Books are one of life's great pleasures, I agree wholeheartedly with you there. Enjoy your reads this month. Like you I get lots of inspiration from the Year in Books project X

  2. Reading is indeed something to treasure and the Year in Books is a good place for inspiration :)

  3. I've never read a Terry P or Neil G book either but it would be nice to loose myself in another magical world especially as the weather appears to be grey and wet again today. I loved hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and I am old enough to have watched the tv show too. Very amusing as you say.


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