Sunday, 25 January 2015

Susan Crawford - Little Angel Jumper

I am a little late posting about this project, purely because I had forgotten about it!

Way back in October I told you that I had started the Little Angel Jumper for my baby niece as a Christmas present. Well I eventually finished it. (off the blocking board they day before she arrived at my house on the 27th Dec 2014)

I've not worked on this project continuously, getting distracted by spinning, reading and my crochet projects as well. I would love to be an everyday knitter but unfortunately I have other things to do in my spare time to so I only knit around 3 times a week usually.

I had reservations about knitting this jumper, mostly because my knitting skills are not actually that good. They were, however, unfounded and it was a fairly easy make. I would like to make one garment without any mistakes in though! This jumper has about five errors in it which I have tried to resolve without ripping it back. I can spot the mistakes but I'm sure to others they are not that obvious.

I picked this pattern up from my trip at Yarndale 2014 and used some stashed yarn, it was stylecraft 4ply in lipstick colour. I had it left over from another project sometime ago. I wanted to use yarn that was washable as its for a 6 month old baby so needs to be machine washable really. The yarn has produced a lovely soft fabric.

As with all (only a few) garments I have made the worst part for me is sewing them together, I am always nervous about messing it up and then the garment looking horrible. At least because this is a Christmas gift it didn't sit in my knitting basket for months until I plucked up the courage to sew together which would be a while. I am pleased with the finished garment and hope that my niece will look cute in it.

I love the little buttons! They were rescued frrom my extensive button stash and (in my opinion) are perfect for this little jumper.

One of my best friends is expecting a baby early next year and if she has a little girl then I will be able to make it again, I think it is a rather feminine garment although I think is marketed as unisex, this is obviously my opinion I just think its a more feminine garment. I have updated my ravelry page with this project.


  1. Well done you! It's lovely and I'm sure she'll look gorgeous in it... xxx

  2. I love hand knitted garments for babies. The jumper is a really gorgeous colour, she will be gorgeous in it! X

  3. It's gorgeous, love the buttons you are right they are perfect!

    1. Thank you, I knew those buttons would come in useful one day hahaha. Feeling justified for having stashed them for so long.


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