Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Learning to spin

I don't know about you, but me well the winter blues have definitely set in. I leave for work in the morning and its dark arriving at my windowless office and then its dark when I leave in the evening, I feel like I'm seeing very little day light at the minute. I feel sluggish and lacking in energy most of the time. I don't think the fact that the germs have moved in at little house in the corner has helped! first little lady was struck by a chesty cold. closely followed by myself and Mr M so nearly four weeks of illness has contributed to the winter blues. Luckily the shortest day has passed and day light hours will start to increase. Oh how I am craving for spring to arrive!

Early in November I set myself a challenge to spin for 10 hours. To recap on the challenge you can view the original post.

I did not reach my target of 10 hours due to various other commitments and other things coming up. The one thing that came out of it is that I have increased the amount of time I spent at the spinning wheel and also seen an improvement in the end product which was my aim.

I managed to achieve a total of 4 hours at the spinning wheel and completed 1 skein of yarn.

Here is a picture of the first skein I ever produced at my spinning class ...

Fluffy right?!

The first skein I produced at home on my little westbury wheel...

Still fluffy

and finally the skein I produced in November...

Much better!
A definite improvement I think. I have really enjoyed spending some time in my little craft corner listening to music or podcasts in my headphones while spinning away. The only problem is that I have not found either the right chair or the right sitting position as yet, because after about 10 minutes my back starts to hurt a little which I guess contributed to me not reaching my target as well. Any suggestions from you experienced spinners out there?

I intend to continue spending time at the wheel spinning up yarn and to motivate me I signed up to Hilltop Cloud new fibre club (the first lot of fibre arrived at the weekend! So excited more on that another day) so once a month a new batch of fibre will arrive and hopefully encourage me to get to the spinning wheel and produce some yarn, (I wont say beautiful yarn as I have lots of improving to do). I hope to be able to actually make something with the yarn I spin one day!

I have managed to update my fibre stash on ravelry if you want to take a look.
I shall keep you posted on my spinning adventures.

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  1. That looks like fun and a great achievement :)

  2. Well done for persevering, I imagine it's quite tricky to begin with. I've just discovered weaving and bought my first loom. I'm now wishing I could spin too. My grandmother had a spinning wheel but I think it was given away (probably to the museum!) when she passed on. I really wish I'd asked if I could have it. Looking forward to seeing your next project!

    1. Thanks Jill, It is good fun once you have the nack of it!
      weaving sounds very interesting.

  3. Your yarn is coming on in leaps and bounds. I have never tried anything like that, the joys of blogging, reading about so many and varied skills that others have and are willing to share! I sympathise with you not having any daylight during the day, one of the most miserable times of my working life was working in an area with no natural light, I eventually had to leave, I just couldn't bear it x

    1. Thanks penny.
      Yes lack of day light can be a little sole destroying. Luckily I enjoy my job!

  4. That looks like huge fun, well done for keeping at it.

  5. That last skein looks amazing! Well done you! Your patience is impressive!!! xxx

    1. Thanks Laura, I need to get back to my wheel to improve further, I must make time this month.


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