Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Book Challenge 2015

Having joined the 'A Year in Books' challenge in the very late stages of 2014 I wanted to continue with the reading challenges, luckily Laura at A circle of Pine Trees is continuing with the challenge through 2015 (I was very happy to read this). I do, like most people get stuck into reading the same sorts of books but I like to challenge my self a little. I think that a conventional book club is not for me, everyone reading the same book chosen by someone else just doesn't do it for me really!

So one day while mooching around on Instagram (as you do) I happened across a post about a 2015 book challenge by Bringing up Burns ...

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Bringing up Burns 

I love the idea of this challenge although I think 26 books in a year is a little optimistic, that is unless they are all very short books! so I will follow this challenge but may cover a couple of the points with one book! (its not really cheating right?) If you want to join in pop over to the bringing up burns blog and check out her post.

My first book of 2015 is A terry Pratchett book, I have wanted to read one of his books for a very long time. Mr. M.  has read quite a lot of his books but I never really had the time and other books took priority. Now is the time! I am starting with his first Discworld book which I am advised by friends and also a few of my lovely Instagram friends is not his best but they do get better so I am persisting with it. I have to say that Mr Pratchett does have a funny turn of phrase, very quirky, I like it!

I have also started to look into other options for my next few reads but often by the time I come to read them I have changed my mind! For example In December I was going to read a discovery of witches which I didn't get round to. To be fair I didn't read anything in December really due to sickness, rushing around for Christmas or choosing knitting over reading! But when I eventually I got round to picking up a book I had looked into what people were saying about the book and it put me off slightly (I will still read the book soon).

In other exciting news (well it is for me anyway) As a Christmas present my lovely Mr. M. upgraded my basic kindle to a kindle paperwhite which I am loving! I really need to get a case for it (I hope to knit one so it is something a little different.

So are you joining in with the 2015 challenges? do you have any books already lined up?


  1. I am joining in with the Year in Books again this year, I love everything about it. Nothing else at the moment, though I am hoping to join in with the August Break project which I did last year and really enjoyed. The Bringing up Burns project looks like fun but I would find it hard to follow those guidelines! X

  2. I've read a few Terry Prat Herts, I thunk
    I only made it to the 4th Discworld novel, but I really enjoyed them, they are a lot of fun.

  3. I too will be joining The Year in Books, like you I joined part way through the year. I like the idea of reading something completely different, might have to give that idea a go!

  4. I'm going to join in with the year in books too, it's always good to see what others are reading & recommend. Haven't read any Terry Pratchett, but did go to one of his talks at the Cheltenham Literaray festival and he was indeed quite quirky! . Happy new year & happy reading 😊 xx

  5. I've never read a terry pratchett but he's on the list! The challenge looks a really good one!!

  6. There seem to be several such 'challenges' this year... I've downloaded one from another site, which has about fifty books on it, not a problem for me as I generally read on average a hundred a year. But like you, felt it would be good to challenge myself, and even though as you pointed out, you can cover several groups with just one book, I am determined to choose a book that fulfills each single category... even if some of them seem a bit daunting or more to the point, not what I would normally choose. But that's the idea right, to be challenged?


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