Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Slow cooked sausages

Who knew sausages could be slow cooked?! Any one who knows me will know that I'm not a fan (putting it mildly) of sausages & any time the family meal involves sausages I opt for a jacket potato!
Well while on my week off I decided to have a look at alternative recipes for sausages that didn't just involve the typical bangers and mash or toad in the hole. I found a couple of ideas for slow cooked sausages and since the slow cooker is most definitely out I thought I would put something together and it tasted so nice I actually ate it (we have since had it a couple more times). So I thought I would share it with you

Serves 4 adults & a 7 year old (easily halved)


12 sausages (I used some lovely Lincolnshire sausages)
2 cans of chopped tomatoes
A sprinkle of mixed herbs
2 garlic cloves
1 large onion chopped roughly
1 bay leaf

I browned off the sausages in a frying pan and then put them in the slow cooker, added all the other ingredients in and mixed it up a little. Season and Put on the lid. Cook on low setting for 4-5 hours (I did 5 hours and they tasted lush). I made some mash up to serve with the sausages and the sauce from the slow cooker tasted lush over the top of the mash.

So there you have it slow cooked sausages. 


  1. I love slow cooked sausages and your recipe looks delicious, thanks for sharing. I don't have an actual slow cooker but use the oven or a heavy saucepan. I use sausages in many ways, sometimes I use the meat instead of mince for Bolognese. I also make a butternut squash lasagne with sausage chunks, or chop them up for "rustic" meatballs. I also have one favourite dish, which is similar to yours but with added puy lentils (they don't turn to pulp). This same dish I have recently made with cannellini and kidney beans. I am hungry! Have a lovely week. x

  2. Although Ina, a vegetarian now,a I have very fond memories of sausages from my childhood, especially sausage stew! X


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