Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Reading & Crochet

Oh what a dreary day it is today! so dark and miserable, winter has certainly arrived here in Yorkshire.

So regular visitors to Little House in the Corner will know that I love both reading & crochet/knitting (although not always at the same time). I have two projects on the go currently.

I am still knitting the Susan Crawford Little Angel baby jumper. I am almost finished but I am on the yoke which requires concentration and counting, both things I am incapable of by the time I settle down to my crafts at around 8.30pm after a long day at work. So that is most certainly a weekend job, but I do need to get on with it as it is my nieces Christmas present. My other project also has a time limit on it as it is a Christmas decoration...

Pretty red & White

Isn't it pretty? And bells too, I cant wait to get to add the bells on (although the embellishment is not part of the pattern just my little addition). I hope I will be able to finish in a week so it is ready for when the Christmas decorations go up. I'm sure you have worked out what it is but I shall do a full reveal as soon as it is completed. I am really enjoying the crochet pattern as it is so simple and works up so quickly. Most importantly it matches up with my red Christmas theme in the living room. Look at me being all organised ready for Christmas. What usually happens is I see something I want to make for Christmas just as its too late and the Christmas spirit is leaving so I never manage to have anything home-made. This year is different!

Jingle Bells
I have struggled to get any decent photo's due to the lack of decent light around at this time of year.

I am reading Foxglove summer by Ben Aaronvitch on the Kindle. I am around half way through it at the minute (as of last night) I was hoping to get it finished by the end of the month as part of the 'A year in books' challenge I have joined in with but with all the knitting and crochet I have to do I am not sure that I will manage it, we shall see.

I am linking in with Small Things Yarn Along today.


  1. From your top photo I thought you were making a Christmas tree skirt. :)
    Would make a pretty one.

  2. Lovely project, look forward to seeing the finished article! I agree about the light, it is very hard to take good photographs on winter afternoons, I am finding the same X

  3. So pretty! I'm wondering if it's a Christmas tree skirt too - whatever it is, it's lovely. I've got a pattern for a granny tree skirt that I keep hoping to start but haven't got there yet - eek, is it really December next week already?! Happy crafting, xx

  4. Your crochet looks lovely! It does pay to be organised sometimes doesn't it?


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