Monday, 17 November 2014

Not Much to Report

Its all been a little bit quite over here at 'Little House in the Corner'. You know when life to zooms on past you and you often feel a little dizzy.

Work has taken over my life for a couple of weeks since my break for half term. I seem to have spent the last two weeks catching up with my work since having half term off. Little lady has gotten back into the swing of school and we are just generally settling into a routine again.

I seem to get in from work do the usual evening things and then fall in a heap on the sofa with exhaustion. That said I have been managing to keep up with my challenge to spin although I am a little behind on my target. Ive also been cracking on with my reading but other than that not much knitting/crochet has happened. I have started a new little project (even though I really should get on with My nieces jumper).

Surprisingly I have started to think of Christmas. Often not my favourite time of year and I am usually a last minute shopper too but I've already started to consider gifts and decorations and Christmas dinner too. I know that my feelings towards the time of year will not change, it is just a very sad time of year for my family but this year I am determined to lift the mood a little and not be last minute with everything. Well I got a little side tracked there didn't I! My new project is to do with Christmas.

So there we have it, not much to report at this end really, life is just zooming on by and making me feel a little dizzy really, can you believe that we half way through November? really? when did that happen? I've struggled to keep up with all of my favourite blogs but know that this week I will really make an effort to get everything done, pop by and say hello at a few blogs so sorry if I've not been and visited of late, its nothing personal. I have just not had the time.

So here we go, a little more positive thinking and more energy, lets hope this week is going to be a good one!


  1. We all get these energy dips where our get up and go seems to disappear. Sounds like you are still managing to do a little crafting which always cheers the soul X

  2. I know exactly how you feel. For whatever reason November was a bit like that for me too. Hope its gotten less dizzy for you!


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