Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Not Knitting Socks

You may recall some months back now that I was knitting socks. The concept of DPN's being new to me (looking enviously at MRS. ID as she knits away) I thought they would be complicated but actually they were very easy. I sorted the cuffs out easily and after a little request from help I got through the heel turn but then it came to the Gusset section, well this baffled me and I just couldn't work out the instructions. Mrs. ID very kindly cast her eyes over my socks and the pattern and she couldn't work it out either. There was the suggestion of doing a bodge job, which I was reluctant to do. I did have a second sock to knit & I was pretty sure second sock syndrome would set in.

The offending article
I was feeling very despondent about the whole thing really and much to Mrs. ID's shock in a fit of rage I ripped the whole thing back until there was no sock! The very next day I was a little upset with my rash (as was Mr. M as the socks would have been his) decision to rip them back but ultimately I needed to do it and find an easier pattern for me to begin with. I'm not saying the pattern wasn't easy just not written very well which for a Rowan pattern I was a little disappointed with. So you see, I,m not knitting socks, not anymore.

So can you imagine my delight when the class lists were released for Edinburgh yarn festival and there was a sock class and even better the tutor is no other than Clare Devine. I have to say I have followed Clares work on Ravelry and twitter and of late have come to admire her work. I had a quick chat with Claire at Yarndale and expressed my excitement about the class. Clare did seem some what excited to be hosting the class too. I really cant wait because I sooooooo want to knit socks and I know that I just need a little guidance to push me in the right direction.

So for now I shall look on enviously at those of you that knit socks and continue my mission to learn & Mr. M will have to wait a little longer for the knitted socks. Plus its not like I don't have lots of other things in the project basket to be getting on with!

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  1. good luck with your socks, I managed a baby pair then decided that life was too short to knit socks, there are other skill to master before I pick up socks again. Many thanks for your kind comments on my blog

  2. I too, am filled with a desire to knit socks! However I am very fortunate that my mum knits socks all the time,and is helping me get started, and will be on hand when I inevitable encounter difficulties! I love wearing hand knitted socks, they are so comfortable. X

  3. When you are ready to knit socks again, I found some very helpful videos on youtube that just go through the whole process. I am a visual person so reading a pattern was not enough for me to figure it out. Maybe that will help you as well.

  4. You have reminded me that I should knit socks again. I made so many pairs one year as Christmas presents it has put me off them for a long time! Good luck with your sock making :)

  5. Hello! Here's the pattern I used for my first pair and I found it very good. Give it a try!
    Hope to see your socks soon!!! x

  6. I knew you shouldn't have ripped them out in haste!


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