Monday, 13 October 2014

Kicking the Sugar Habit - Challenge 1

I wrote about my Addiction a few weeks back, and so far I have not done anything about it, I thank you lovely people for both your comments on my blog post itself and also the private emails that some of you lovely lot sent to me. It made me feel less isolated that people understood and even shared your experience and advice.

The reason I have not done anything about it, mostly, is procrastination I guess, I have assessed the situation, tried to understand why I turn to sugar so much but really to no avail other than I am weak. 

I read in a book recently 'How I changed my Life in 12 months' in which the author points out that it takes 21 day to break a habit, I knew this somehow, I must have read it somewhere before and tasked myself with breaking my habits. once I hit a stumbling block I struggle to get back on track and I think that is where the problem is. I tell myself  'what is the point? I may as well go back to how it was' I tell myself 'I can't do this' I make up so many excuses. I need that chocolate because I have had a bad day, I am tired I need the energy or I so deserve a treat I've worked hard. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

So, here it is, friends and family, I ask of you please do not offer me a biscuit, please do not offer me sweets or chocolates for the next 21 days! I will free myself of the binds I have with the white stuff, one day at a time, if I stumble I will pick myself up and most importantly I do NOT need it. 

My October challenge is to kick the Sugar habit, and although I want to enjoy baking cakes and eating the occasional chocolate bar, that's what it needs to be occasional, it is not to be apart of my everyday life and instead I need to embrace healthier eating habits and avoid the temptation of the work biscuit tin.

So wish me luck and here we go. Any tips for avoiding sugar and tame the cravings I know I will have will be much appreciated. I will keep you posted on my progress. 

Day one  starts 8th October 2014! So far it has gone well with one day of for mrs. ID's graduatio party where I may have had a couple of little treats, but the very next day I picked myself up again. Ive resisted the biscuits at work and even turned down chocolate cake:).

I can do this! 


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