Sunday, 5 October 2014

Hardcastle Crags

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not very outdoorsy really, especially now that autumn has set in (although you wouldn't know it today). You are more likely to find me sat in the corner with a good book or my knitting and a cuppa tea staying warm.

Today however we took a drive over to Hebden Bridge and a lovely place called Hardcastle Crags. We simply don't spend enough time together as a family and spend far to much time in doors. I am pleased we did head out today, the weather was gorgeous today and it was such a beautiful place (I did however take my crochet with me to keep me occupied in the car).

once we got parked we walked the mile to Gibson Mill where there was a cafe and we had a light lunch before setting off on one of the national trust walks around the site.

Gibson Mill first opened as a cotton mill in the 1800's, restored by the national trust, it was opened to visitors in 2005. The mill is now a great example of how sustainable energy can be used. We certainly hope to visit again as we had such a fun day.

Walking boots on and here we go…

With my knee still not fully repaired we took a steady walk around the stunning site & lil lady just loved being outside and exploring the woods.

There was a beautiful little waterfall

I love waterfalls, I find them quite captivating, the sound of water trickling down to the river is simply amazing.

We had a little look around for signs of fairy's in the woods, looking for their homes. Obviously during the day when people are around they stay hidden but we did find potential fairy houses…

Do you see any Faries?

There was so much beauty to be seen, lots of colour as the leaves change ready to fall to the ground, so many pretty little bridges to cross and lots of stairs to climb. With the weather being so beautiful there was lots of people around but because there are so many routes we rarely saw anyone and when we did they were so friendly. There was lots of people walking their dogs (one little dog with a stick in its mouth more than three times the size of himself). Lots of children exploring the woods and having their own little adventures and making memories that will last forever.

Lil Lady's favourite part was the stepping stones over the river, she had to go over them a few times, at first very slowly as she was unsure but she did get a little more confident…

all in all we had a great family day, the sun shone on us and we enjoyed the 5 1/2 miles we walked although my knee did start to hurt towards the end, I was pleased to be back at the car to give my feet (and knee) a rest and have a flask of tea.

I shall leave you with my favourite picture I took today...

Looking to the sky through the tall trees.
I really must make more of an effort to be outdoorsy!

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  1. What a beautiful place to spend the day, lovely pictures.


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