Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Autumn & Crochet Blankets

Autumn is most certainly here, as I type the wind is whipping around the house and I can hear the rain pattering on the conservatory roof. The little tree in the front garden has decided to shed its beautiful golden yellow and orange leaves onto the front lawn and the nights a drawing in. The weather has certainly turned colder now.

So with autumn weather comes the urge to make blankets. Earlier this year in spring I started to crochet the wooleater blanket, but it was hibernated as soon as the warmer weather made an appearance. I bought a load of stylecraft Special DK sometime ago to make a friend a ripple blanket and once it was finished and posted to my friend I realised I had quite a bit of yarn left and as I really struggled to part with the ripple blanket I thought I would use the left over yarn for a blanket to stay at Little house in the Corner. I had queued the wooleater blanket sometime ago so of I went.

I didnt like the ridge that the pattern created by crocheting around the previous round post so rather than crocheting around I crocheted into the top creating a flatter finish (just my preference). I agreed with myself that no new yarn would be purchased for this project and I would only use what was in the basket. So I worked on the blanket for a couple of weeks before the warmer (oh no way can I crochet a blanket) weather set in and it was put in a basket and hidden away on the shelf.

Then come along the WipCrackAway group on Ravelry hosted by the lovely Knit British & Yarns from the Plain the Idea is you only work on your WIP's to get them all done and the motivation of the group helps you through. It runs until the 15th November.  'I don't have that many wip's' I think I can be quoted as saying but well when I started to look into it I had blooming loads that I had hidden away and forgotten about the first being my wooleater blanket, so I immediately took it down off the shelf and set to completing it.

The completed blanket is just a lap blanket really but it is snug, and its lovely crocheting yourself into a warm cocoon. I was actually sad to finish it because it is so snuggly and warm. I decided not to edge the blanket as the scalloped edge is pretty. 

I still have plenty of yarn left, just not enough to do any more rounds, so I will make up some little granny squares in the hope of making up another big bed blanket out of scraps of DK. A lovely multi coloured blanket like the one I made little lady a few years back. 

I do love a crochet blanket! Autumn has to be a knitters/crocheters time of year right? so much wooly inspiration out there. 

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