Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Yarn Dale 2014

Well what can I tell you about Yarndale? I loved it and I can't believe it is over already!

As Skipton is only 2 hours away Mrs. ID drove us there and back in a day, leaving at just after 7am (to make sure we got parked okay) we arrived not long after 9am and took a walk to the park where there was a frenzy of activity with runners and dog walkers, Yarndale is set in such a beautiful location, I am envious of the beautiful rolling hills and glorious views.

We were very organised about our visit and made a list of our must visit stands and made a beeline for those stands first not being distracted by anything else, spending our hard saved pennies on the most important stands, which included

Eden cottage Yarns, Daisy Bum boo, John Arbons, Hilltop cloud, Little Grey Sheep, Baa Ram Ewe, Skein Queen, Blacker Yarns, Yarn Garden, Tin Can Knits (I was so excited to get my copy of road trip and chat with Emily too) amongst other stands too.

We had some lovely conversations with the stall holders, Victoria at Eden cottage & her partner are just lovely, we had to depart quickly though as the stall filled up quickly (obviously after purchasing the most deliciously squishy yarn). The lovely lady at Hilltop cloud explain the yarn gauge for me to help with my spinning, I just love the Little Grey sheep stand, she is so passionate about her products. I love the Baa Ram Ewe stand which we have visited at every event (we must actually make it to the shop one day) although it gets ridiculously busy and me with my weird phobia about being trapped start to panic and hyperventilate. I could talk to you for hour (or pages and pages) about the lovely stall holders who are happy to talk about their products.

Once the must see stands had been completed we popped of back to the car to put the purchases in the boot, before heading of the the Instagram picnic where I met some of the lovely people I have followed on Instagram, we sat round the front on the grass and ate our lunch while having a little chit chat. I have to say it was a little chilly though and we didn't stay to long.

Then we took a leisurely walk around the rest of the stands making a few more purchases to add to our stash.
Yarndale 2014 purchases

At 3pm we joined the podcasters in the cafe for a meet up, where I was (as I usually am) a little nervous. However there was no need to, I met Amie from Knit spin cake, Louise from Knit British, Jo from Shiny Bees, Claire Devine and several other lovely ladies (sorry not to mention you all but I have yarn brain and forgotten everyone's name) and we chatted about lots of lovely things, I epecially had a lovely long chat with Louise from Knit British about her purchases and Amie about her spinning and the new shop. They all wore their lovely Lush Cardigans from the lush pod kal (I didn't participate). It is so nice to actually put faces to names of all these lovely people that I follow via the social media world and listen to through the wonderful podcast world.

After this we took a slow walk back to the car and Mrs ID drove us home, I must confess to being mentally shattered, the day had really taken its toll on me as there was so much to take in, so many people to meet and talk to and my knee held up very well (signs that it is improving).

I unpacked my purchases once home and looked lovingly at it all. The only issue I now have is that I felt so inspired to cast on so many new projects, I just don't have enough hours in the day!

Roll on 26th and 27th September 2015 for the next Yarndale. The Yarndale team which includes Lucy over at Attic 2014 did a totally amazing job! Both Mrs ID and I even found our own mandalas in the wonderful display, Mrs ID's was fairly easy to spot as it was in the minority of knitted mandalas where as mine was more difficult but after much searching I did actually spot not to far away from Mrs ID's. I wonder what the big project will be for Yarndale 2015?

Did you go to Yarndale? What did you think? I would love to see your purchases too!
Sorry to ramble on, I blame the overwhelming excitement of so much yarny deliciousness

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  1. I would love to go to Yarndale, like you I could go for the day, but like you I hate crowds and I think I would find it too much and stop me from enjoying it.


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