Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Books, Books, Books

I love books (who doesn't). It is another thing that I just never seem to have enough time for or when I do have the time its at the end of another busy working day. I lost my reading mojo some months back when I was studying and mostly read heavy going text books, once study was over I have not managed to pick up a book and read for too long.

But encouraged by a friend I set off reading. Picking a book up that had been left neglected on the bedside table for a couple of months, I of course had to re read a couple of chapters to get back up to speed, but a week into it and i am over 70% the way through. I am certainly getting back the reading bug.

I had (yes had) to go to Meadowhall on Saturday (Meadowhall is not a place I enjoy going to as it is always far to busy and loud for me), I needed to get my phone fixed so while we waited Mr. and myself took a look around Waterstones and I found myself adding more and more books to my must read list which further inspired me to march on with my book. Then to add to my urge to read more  Mrs ID (my lovely best friend and yarny partner in crime) wrote a blog post about her lack of reading and joining the 'A Year in Books' organised by Laura of circle of pine trees which I thought was a great idea. Although I'm not sure that I would manage a book a month (unless we are talking exceptionally short stories here) but I will certainly give it ago so thank you Mrs. ID for the further inspiration.

So what am I currently reading? I hear you ask...

Broken homes is the fourth book in the peter grant series which covers the supernatural, the strange happenings and the plain bizarre stuff, Based in London and the out skirt Ben demonstrates a vast knowledge of London. I have previously read books 1 - 3 and although each story does stand alone there are some running themes that could be missed if you have not read the previous books. I hope to finish this book by the end of the weekend and then I can tell you a little more about it.

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  1. I didn't get on with this author at all, which is a shame as it sounded like the kind of book to take me, maybe out of my comfort zone for once. Found you via Laura's blog, and have left a comment on your last post too.


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