Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sock WIP

Yes that title does say 'Sock WIP', I have knitted socks once before but using straight needles. For some time now it has been my desire to use DPN's but the thought of 5 needles did scare me a little (okay, a lot!).

I eventually plucked up the courage this weekend to cast on a basic pair of Socks using WYS 4 ply yarn and some super knit pro cubix DPN's my husband bought me for my birthday.

As you can see I've not made great progress with my first sock. It initially took me 3/4 attempts to cast on and get past the third row. Now I've got going I'm quite used to the awkwardness of the 5 needles. (I will admit to having dropped a entire row of stitches, I sat there for 30 minutes with a small crochet hook picking all the stitches up! look of horror on my face). I am sure that when I get to a more complicated section I wont be as happy! what took me so long to cast on???

Oh and do you like me gorgeous yarn bowl??  Isn't it just beautiful, carefully chosen for me as a birthday gift from one of my very bestest friends. The colour matches my living room colours perfectly and of course I do like my hearts around the house! so thank you Mrs. ID for my utterly gorgeous yarn bowl.

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  1. I gave up trying with dpns and switched to magic loop! Much much better (and you don't get those ladders where you go from one needle to another). There are loads of tutorials out there but I used this one (so it must be VERY good to be able to teach me!). Really would recommend giving it a try! Good luck...


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