Monday, 30 June 2014

Cast On, Cast Off & on the Needles.

Hello Lovely People,

Well here we are again, Monday! My weekend has sadly passed by in a blur! I went to Woolfest with my Lovely friend Mrs. ID (and our wonderful hubby's) , we had a great weekend, but more on that one later in the week. Today is my Cast on, Cast Off and On the Needles feature.

Cast On…

I wasn't going to cast on any new projects this week but I didn't have any suitable projects for car knitting this weekend.  I cast on a white baby cardigan called the Rosebud Cardigan. The pattern is from 'Simple knits for cherished babies' by Erika Knight.
Its fairly easy to knit up although as its in 4ply yarn it is not a super quick knit. I managed to complete the back of the cardigan over the weekend. Mostly just knitting in the car and a little while in the hotel.
I will update you on this project later in the week (including pictures) with all the details of the pattern and the yarn used.

I am as always fighting the urge to cast on more projects especially after my woolfest purchases! To many projects and so little time. I am trying my best to keep only two knitting projects on the go at once.

Cast Off…

Sadly no cast off's this week, I was hoping to cast off my Ammolite Cowl but as it was not a portable project that didn't happen.

On The Needles (or Hook)…

I still have my two long term crochet blankets which will be WIP's for a while this is for two reasons:
1 - Its too warm for the blankets at the minute
2 - I'm very much in love with my knitting and only tend to pick up my crochet when I need an easy (no need to think) project.

I also have my Ammolite Cowl which I wrote about last wednesday, I was hoping, as I said earlier, to have cast this off by now, but I didn't think it would be wise to take it with me on my weekend away as there is lots of counting involved. I picked it up again last night and worked on it, I think I only have 6 rows of cabling left then a few garter stitch rows to complete it so I will be very disappointed if it is not finished by the next COCO post.

What have you cast on cast of or on the needles at present?

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  1. Still working on my cardigan. I've decided to block the fronts and back today so they can be drying while I'm knitting the second sleeve and collar. Like you I really want it finished so I can start some Woolfest projects (or Yarndale 2013 projects!). Getting itchy hands...... But I have started uploading my purchases to Rav..... #longjob


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