Monday, 23 June 2014

Cast off, Cast on & on the Needles

Hello Lovelies,

The majority of my yarny activity happens over the weekend, I do of course work on my projects in the week but the major stuff happens over the weekend. So I hope to make this a regular Monday feature.

I'm going to start with my Cast Offs since I actually have some!

First Is Ted2. Yes I did say Ted2. This is a crochet bear using the Rico Bruno bear pattern. I have made this once before for my god daughter (before she was born). She loved him so much that his head has fallen off a couple of time as has his arms. So I have made another one (just in case). I used Rico creative cotton to make Ted2, I just love this yarn for toy making as it is such a sturdy yarn.

I have also made a Mandala for Yarndale again this is a crochet project. Have you heard about the Yarndale Mandala project? if not visit Attic24 for more details. My friend Mrs ID and myself both made Mandala's for the big display they are planning and they will be posted this week. I made mine using Stylecraft special DK, utilising scraps from previous projects. The pattern I used was from Crochet with Raymond. I love her blog although sadly she doesn't blog very frequently these days. She is my spinning and sock making inspiration!

Finally I have a little knitting project that was completed just yesterday. I wasn't joking when I said 'little', it is my first knitted newborn baby cardigan. My Brother-in-law and his wife are expecting their first baby in September so I had my first attempt at knitting a small person cardi. I found it very easy to knit but I did sorta take my time over finishing it as I was a bit scared about the neckband, to be fair I shouldn't have worried as it wasn't that bad. The little card is now being blocked. I can't wait to see little baby wearing it.

On the Needles (or hook) …

This isn't that bad actually. I have three project on the go:
1. Wooleater blanket
2. Crochet squares blanket
3. knitted cowl out of pom pom quarterly magazine.

I do love crochet blankets but at the moment the weather is a little too warm to think about them! Even though I am knitting a winter cowl using gorgeous Aran yarn made in UK. I love everything about this project. I will share more about this with you in my next post.

Cast on…

Despite my urge to start several other projects this week, I have resisted. This means I have not cat on anything new this week but I will be casting on something new mid week. A portable project since I am heading to woolfest on friday night and need something to keep my busy on the journey and during quite times. Are you going to woolfest?

I apologise for the long post on my projects, I know this feature is a little rough around the edge and I will refine it over the next few weeks hopefully. Also this weeks post was a little long but it will get shorter as time goes on.

Thank you for stopping by and staying with me to the end.
Hope you visit Little House in the Corner again soon.


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