Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Adventures in Knitting & Crochet

Well I can't tell you how ridiculously excited I am about my current WIP's! I know I know I really need to calm myself down.

For some time now I have been desperate to knit socks, yes really socks! so taking inspiration from my lovely friend off I went.  Not feeling as brave as my friend who is knitting socks with DPNs I opted for the standard two needle approach. I have managed one sock and I'm  making good progress on the other …

I have to say it wasn't as difficult as I had first thought, but I was not impressed with having to sew the sock up (plus I have a small hole, not sure how that happened). The next pair I make will be done on DPN's so I can see the difference. For these socks I used Sirdar crofter fair isle effect DK, the yarn is lovely and as you can see produces a gorgeous fabric. The pattern I used was …….

My next WIP is a crochet project that I have been wanting to do for a while but just not had the time. Its the famous Wool Eater blanket, I have just finished a ripple blanket (hopefully I will show this to you on Friday) and had loads of yarn left over so what better way to use it with the wool eater. There is no colour pattern (which I have to say I struggle with) I am just using which yarn I feel like at the time. The yarn is Stylecraft special DK (I'm not usually a fan of 100% acrylic but this is quite soft) I will continue with this until I have run out of yarn as I don't want to purchase any more yarn. The point of this project is to use up left over yarn. so lets see how big it will become. I like this project as its one of those that you can pick up and you don't have to think about it where as I have to concentrate on the socks when I am working on them.

I think its always good to have a few projects on the go, that way you can work on a project that matches your mood, don't you think?

I am already considering what I want to knit next. I have loads of yarn that I purchased over the last 6 months or so, not knowing what I wanted to make but that I loved the yarn. I really do not want to purchase any more yarn until I visit Woolfest in June with my very good friend ID.

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  1. Love the socks, and your blankie! I've knitted a few pairs of socks using that same pattern, but not been brave enough to progress to 4 dpns yet.... one day I'll hopefully pluck up the courage!

  2. I knit socks for my kids - but no adult socks yet. Don't be afraid of the dpns! once you get the hang of it, it really is quite easy :-)

  3. you KNOW don't you… pair of socks and you will most likely be hooked for life; they are extremely addictive!!! (yours are looking GREAT!!!!)

  4. Your socks are looking good! DPNs aren't as hard as they seem, just a bit awkward at first! I love that blanket, too.

  5. Shelley, well done with the socks!!!! They look amazing - Crofter is one of my favourite yarns for socks ... soooo soft!!!! Before you try dpns, please give the Magic Loop a go. I'm now a total convert and learnt it from a youtube tutorial. Very simple and so much easier than dpns!! If you want the link I used, give me a shout and I'll pass it on. Much love xxx

  6. The socks looks just geat! I really like the crofter colours also. I am still on track for not buying any wool until June despite having several temptations put in my way! :-)


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