Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Baby Blanket Progress

Here we are again, Another week has passed me by. I am desperate to get little bean's blanket finished (after all there is a deadline), so much so that I have not picked up any other projects or the book I am currently reading. This is so unlike me as I usually have several projects on the go at once.

Any way progress is okay, It could be quicker. I have found myself knitting in every spare minute I get including (much to Mr.M's embarrassment) during little ladies swimming lesson …

How to embarrass the hubby!!!

I took the update picture a couple of days ago so I am now into my third ball of wool leaving another three. I am still enjoying this pattern and have at times got a little over confident with my knitting skills, not paying much attention to what I am doing. This ended with me making a few mistakes which I managed to correct.

Look how pretty that boarder is!

So there it is, coming along nicely. I hope to finish this by the end of the month if not sooner.

I am joining in with Tami this week and WIP Wednesday. Thanks for visiting me at The Little House in the Corner. hope you will visit again soon.


  1. Happy knitting! I think it is a great idea to knit during swimming lessons.

  2. What a sweet blanket, love the color. Good luck on meeting your goal of finishing!

  3. It's looking really great! I love the boarder. I've crocheted at a swim meet before. :-) (When I was younger . . . but I'd totally crochet or knit now too!)

  4. Lovely colors!

    It's neccesary to use every spare moment to knit in order to reache your goals ;)

  5. It's looking lovely, and never mind any strange looks, just go ahead & knit all you like ;-)

  6. Oh your knitting is going great, I remember when you first just started knitting with small squares. That pattern looks beautiful!!


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