Thursday, 29 August 2013

TIme ...

... Where does it go? Ive neglected all my blogs, yes I did just say all! I have a blogger account & also a tumblr account as well as my Glipho account. 

There are several reasons for my neglect. the first reason goes back to when my first blogger account was hacked. I set my new account up but since have encountered many problems which meant I fell out of love with blogging. At this point I set up a tumblr account and discovered Glipho. Ive tried both accounts and find them both great to use in very different ways. The reality is that I can only really use one platform as I don't have the time to manage several platforms! I'm still unsure with the direction my blog is heading and which platform I will be using.

My second reason is time. I have realised over the last few weeks that I have unrealistic expectations on my own time. I expect to much from my time and set myself un realistic goals each day. Now that I have realised this about myself I have started to be more realistic with my goal setting. Do you have unrealistic expectations on your time? I do hope that I am not the only person.

The third is when I get some down time I often spend it knitting, I am currently working on a scarf for Mr. M (My hubby) and any time I am not working my day job or being a mum I want to get on with my projects. Mr. M is also keen to get his new scarf!

So this is an evening in my little house in the corner!

I do hope that I will be able to blog a little more often as I do miss blog world.

I hope that you are all well & I am sorry that I can not follow your blogs still however I do follow blogs on bloglovin as it is the only way I can follow you.

If you would like to follow me on bloglovin then please follow this link here

Thanks for popping by

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