Saturday, 31 August 2013

Randomness at the Friday Night Knitting group

Hello everyone,

I do hope that you are all well?

Its well known that I attend the village knitting group with occurs every other Friday from 7pm till 9pm (possible a little longer if my friend and I re convene at the pub for a cheeky glass of wine on the way home!). I would say that I have been going for a little over a year now & I am not quite sure what I expected when I first started other than learning to knit.

Lets start at the beginning that might be easier. I learnt to crochet 6 1/2 years ago when my now 6 year old daughter (little Mooey as she is affectionately know) was growing in my rather fat tummy. I now class my self as well qualified in the crochet department and will tackle the most complex patterns without batting an eyelash. Knitting on the other hand! well I just struggle to grasp the concept of two needles, so just over a year ago I decided to go to the local knitting club which at the time was in the village tearooms and get some assistance in the knitting department.

I had at first envisaged a circle of nana's knitting shreddies when I first started but I have to say that is not the case. Instead there is a mix of individuals with varying skill levels in both knitting and crochet. People that I would not ordinarily meet, I have in the course of attending my local knitting group met some one I now consider to be one of my best friends ID (the said friend that slink of to the pub with for a glass of wine) an we regularly get together and have a glass of wine and off course a knit!

What is more surprising than the knitting group that is not full of nana's knitting shreddies is the rather random conversations that take part during the two hours we are there. lets take last nights rather small group as an example, so we discussed yarn of course and current projects and their progress, all pretty normal considering we are at a knitting group right? we then discuss yarn shops, yarndale (an event that I will be attending with ID) and various other yarn related places/trips, the conversation moves on to tea (mostly tea pigs because who doesn't love teapigs ??? especially chocolate flake which is my total favourite) we discuss books, holidays, dogs, bikes, alarms that go off in the middle of the night, dead pigeons & maggots ( I think dead pigeons & maggots probably the most random of everything to be fair) then onto the merits of social media (My current favourite topic as it is part of my day job) so you see its not all nana's knitting shreddries as I had first thought and a year on the knitting group conversations still manage to make me smile.

Who needs to go clubbing when you can go to knitting group and have random conversations while knitting up a storm??



  1. That sounds like a lovely group to belong to - and the "nana's knitting shreddies" gave me a good giggle!
    Have you read the book: The Friday Night Knitting Club , by Kate Jacobs? I'd recommend it :-)
    Happy weekend,

  2. I need to belong to a knitting group or better still I guess I could start one up! Sounds like fun. Debbie Bliss wool costs a mortgage in New Zealand!

  3. Loved your latest blog...... Cheers to wine, knitting and best friends x ID

  4. So very true Shelley. I think some of life's most mysterious questions (like where does that other sock go during the laundry?) have been answered at knitting groups! xxx

  5. Sounds like a lovely group, there is a knit n stitch group not too far from where I live that I have considered going to as I don't really get out much. Plus I like spending my spare time it would be great going to a group where I can meet people and crochet at the same time!! :)

    Btw I am definitely on Bloglovin' give me a search :)


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